3 years ago I completed a 9-month full-time Data Science Course from Lambda School. Since then, I have worked on projects implementing skills in statistics, machine learning, NLP, and Neural Networks. I've published projects using django, heroku, and aws. I've also built chrome extensions and discord bots. My main focus currently is building dApps which helps communities learn, invest, and grow together.


I'm from Jackson, MS and attended Milsaps College where I obtained a BA in History Education with a minor in French. During this time, I worked at a reading research program helping students who were chronically behind their grade's reading level. I also worked as an ESL teacher in Bezon France which is a suburb of Paris. Over the last 10 years, I have built Gardner Academy Private School in Windhoek, Namibia. As Founding Director, I developed the curriculum, trained the teachers, led a staff of 32 and grew the school from 3 students to 350.


I am fundamentally a creator at heart, I enjoy bringing things into existence that become a daily part of others' lives. I also enjoy supporting other creators as they bring their ideas into existence as well. I started my first business at 22 years old. As an entrepreneur, I've hired, trained, and led teams of over 40. I have a great capacity to bring groups together around a common vision and goal.

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