Hi I'm Audrey Taylor-Akwenye


I'm from Jackson, Ms and attended Milsaps College where I obtained a BA in History Education with a minor in French. During this time, I worked a reading research program helping students who were chronically behind their grade's reading level. I also worked as an ESL teacher in Bezon France which is a suburb of Paris. Over the last 8 years, I have build Gardner Academy Private School in Windhoek, Namibia. As Founding Director, I developed the curriulum, trained the teachers, led a staff of 32 and grew the school from 3 students to 350.


I am fundamentally a creator at heart, I enjoy bringing things into existance that become a daily part of others lives. I also enjoy supporting other creators bring their ideas into existance as well. I started my first business at 22 years old. I'm currently the founder of Schoolio. A curriulum management platform build to support administrators, teachers, and students on the african continent. Schoolio works with over 40 schools in 20 countries across Africa.

Data Scientist

While building Schoolio, I had some coding experience but not enough to build the machine learning algorithmns I needed to implement my bigger vision. After wasting time and money trying to outsource to dev shops or find a technical co-founder, I decided I needed to become the CTO I needed. I attended Lambda School in the Data Science program.

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